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Our services

Comprehensive training for you and your horse. Located in Hattula.



Give your horse the best start to become a riding horse

The most important stage of horse training. We are proud of the horses we start and their ability to grow into full-fledged horses.
Each horse is given the time it needs to develop into a safe and happy horse.

Further training

We help you and your horse take the next step

We accept horses of all levels and ages for training. Whether the goal is learning to tölt, a softer and more capable horse, selling a horse or, for example, preparing for a breeding show. We are prepared for everything.

Riding Instruction

Personal and professional

We are both educated riding instructors from Hólar University and have FEIF level 3 qualifications.
Our goal is to improve the riding experience and cooperation between you and your horse regardless of what your goals are.

We offer teaching throughout the whole of Finland and abroad.

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